I.F.M.R.A Rules and Regulations

  • Financial organizations that have received I.F.M.R.A Certificate of compliance shall strictly follow all articles of the Statute approved by the Agency and conduct its activities in accordance with the document.
  • Certified companies shall not allow actions that inflict damage to the Agency and contravene its Statute.
  • The actions of a brokerage company that contravene the Statute and the Agency’s Rules and Regulations as well as those that inflict damage to I.F.M.R.A can lead to the company being divested of the Certificate and the right to consequent applying for the Certificate.
  • The decisions of I.F.M.R.A are obligatory for compliance by the companies that have already received the Certificate of compliance or are in the process of certification.
  • Financial organizations that have already received I.F.M.R.A Certificates of compliance shall provide assistance to ensure timely resolution of disputes and making objective decisions.
  • The Agency’s certified members shall timely pay the member’s fees in the amount and order set by the current I.F.M.R.A Statute.
  • Certified members of the Agency agree that the I.F.M.R.A Committee on Standardization and Certification has the right to initiate an unscheduled audit of the certified company no more than once per quarter. In turn, the companies provide assistance on their part, as well as all the necessary materials upon the committee members" request.
  • All applications for claims considerations are accepted in accordance with the Procedural Rules of claims consideration.
  • The Center’s participants shall exclude any cases of abusing the affiliation with the organization and unconscientious behavior that may in any way influence the reputation of I.F.M.R.A.

The present rules and regulations are obligatory for compliance and constitute the main guidelines in the process of working with the service for all financial market participants using the services of I.F.M.R.A.