International Financial Market Regulatory Agency (I.F.M.R.A)

is an independent organization and for that reason has no brokers among its founders which could influence decisions regarding the certification of companies as well as any other decisions.

IFMRA Certificate

Certificate Sample

Brokers Advantage

Guarantor of stability and high quality of provided services, status, positive image, respectability, increased number of potential clients.

Traders Advantage

Guarantee of the conclusion of the agreement with a reliable and efficient company that provides high quality services for partners and clients.

Who we are

We are a non-commercial organization created to regulate the quality of services provided by brokers and dealing centers. The Agency’s mission is to provide traders with maximum security of transactions in stock and foreign exchange markets. In pursuing its objective the Agency employs certification of brokers.

Our scope of activities includes:

  • The evaluation of financial organizations’ activities and their subsequent certification;
  • The coordination of financial market participants’ activities;
  • The minimizing risks for the financial market participants;
  • The development of financial organizations evaluation systems with subsequent implication of the systems;
  • The establishment of the compensation fund for the clients of the companies certified by I.F.M.R.A.
  • Our insurance department issue's Insurance Certification to our clients to enable them operate without fear of liquidation;
  • As a security company we package and document sensitive stuffs for secure keep and delivery to our clients; Certificates like CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE, etc are issued to client to speedy processing.